Here is the list of all the Tax Day Tea Parties in the great State of Delaware:

  • Georgetown: The Circle, 12:00 – 2:00 PM
  • Dover: Legislative Mall on the Green, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Middletown: Middletown Town Square, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Wilmington: The Riverfront, 4:00 – 6:30 PM
  • Laurel: Janosik Park, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

To keep up with everything, stop by the official Delaware Tax Day Tea Party web site. The national web site is here.

If I get any updates, I will post them as soon as possible.

Several folks have asked this question: where will Laurel’s Number One blogger be attending? As it stands right now, I will probably only attend the Laurel Tax Day Tea Party. Hope I can see you there!

Outraged Richard has a list of Maryland’s Tea Parties on his blog, particularly highlighting the party in downtown Salisbury.

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UPDATE: Here’s the latest from Chris Shirey, state coordinator:

Wilmington – The Riverfront – 4-6:30p
Jon Sherman

The Wilmington Tea Party will start with the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer, and National Anthem. There will be several speakers, kids programs, voter registration, and the food drive. They will also have a symbolic tea tossing in the river and will have a toilet toss to collect change with proceeds going to the Food Banks of Delaware.

Special requests: Bring canopies and umbrellas. Come rain or shine!

Middletown – Town Square (the Four Corners) 4-6p
Bill Gell

The Middletown Tea Party will start with the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer (by Wounded wingtip) They will feature the Congressional Petition, and read from the PIG BOOK! HOW Representatives in Washington will spend

YOUR MONEY! We will end with a Prayer.

Special requests: Needed a producer for the camera to record the event. We need READERS for pig book

Dover – Legislative Mall, on The Green – 4-6p
Russ Murphy

The Dover Tea Party will start off with a flag presentation by the Boy Scouts, who are also providing tents and traps. The will also have the National Anthem, prayer, and Pledge of Allegiance. They will have a couple of speakers. They would like to point out the Legislative Mall has restrictions against tents. Umbrellas might be helpful

Special requests: Pray for Sunshine

Georgetown – on The Circle – noon to 2p
Donna Gordon
Steve Hyle

The Georgetown Tea Party will be starting off with the Star Spangle Banner, Pledge of Allegiance, and prayer. They will have several speakers, a reading of the Bill of Rights, and music, They will feature a letter correspondence with a citizen.

Special request: They need a video camera to film the event.

Laurel – Janosik Park – 4-7p
Chris Shirey

The Laurel Tea Party will start with a blessing and the Pledge of Allegiance. We will have several speakers, music, and a kids program. We will then be turning the microphone over to you. This is a day for the people to speak. We are still making final arrangements so the rest will have to be a surprise. We where unable to find someone to provide food. You are permitted to bring a grill or the Georgia House Restaurant is right across the street and will prepare take out for us. Food Donations from Laurel will be given to the Good Samaritan Food Panty. We have a tent that will be set up to provide protection from the rain.

Special request: Bring your neighbor.

Please remember the food drive, to bring your signs, pray for sun, pack an umbrellas, and bring your voice to add to ours.

Thank you

Chris Shirey
Delaware Tea Party
State Coordinator

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  3. I wish they were early, I’d be tempted to hang around down here and take some photos. Maybe if I’m not busy I’ll try and catch the Dover one.

  4. Tina Wesco says:

    I attended the Middletown Tea Party it was really cold and really wet. I also saw a young man speak to the crowd that was simply amazing.
    The Middletown event was really small, its a small town. In the town square we had about 300 people. The organizer asked this young man to speak, he was young maybe about 30 tops. There were no press, on cameras, or microphone. Without an umbrella this young man stood and first asked that everyone plege alligence to the flag in the midddle of the rain.
    He then spoke to the crowd in such a way that I have never seen. His address is something that I would imagine taking place in the early days of the revolution.
    It was beyond my words to describe he first stated in a very calm loud voice (there was no mircophone) that this financial crisis started with morgages on property and houses and that unless we pushed the federal government to act that it will end with morgages, except that they will be on our children.
    He talked about our us selling our debt to foriegn nations and that if we are not careful we would sell far more. You could see that he was outraged.
    In the middle of that speech he turned and pointed out that his children one day would turn to him ask him what has he brought about for them as a legacy. His voice actually waivered and said he would like to say to them that he helped give them a more free, more prosperous, America. He said then we would all have to do the same and hoped that we would be able to say the same or not meet our childrens eyes.
    He said that he did not have the answers but if we agitated enough and were loud enough that the bright and intelligent people that we have entrusted our government would have to listen or face us at the ballot box. He continued by saying that he was a republican but that this was not a republican or democratic issue. That he wanted the problem addressed and our concerns listened to. He then asked us to contact friend and family anyone who would listen and tell them about this.
    He then ended saying to any cynic that the American People could do this. He pointed out that the American People split the atom, placed men on the moon, and long ago looked to a their ruling empire that spanned continents with armies, navies, and the might of the world at its fingertips and said “we could do better.”

  5. Chris Shirey says:

    Please check out the new website for the Delaware Tea Party Coalition. This is the link: .
    There is a video on the home page of the Delaware Tea parties. I snagged a photo from Elbert and put in it, I hope that is okay???
    Thank you
    Chris Shirey