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There will be a Marriage Rally on Thursday, March 26, at Legislative Hall in Dover. The event will happen from 1:00 to 2:15.

The rally is to show support for Delaware Senate Bill 27. Please contact the Delaware Family Policy Council for more information regarding this event (email).

Here is what information I have received from DFPC via email:


To order a rally shirt, Call Vickie LeMon at 302-741-2455 ext.48
Wearing a rally shirt over your sweatshirt or coat will show our unity.
If you cannot make this purchase, please wear a white shirt.

To avoid parking challenges: consider parking & taking a bus from the following locations.  Please keep in mind someone else has sacrificially paid for us to have buses. Other than the shuttles from Calvary Assembly of God please reserve your seat on the charter buses from the other locations.

From Seaford: Trinity Transport located at 1201 Bridgeville Hwy in Seaford.
Contact Ed Banning at 302-262-0659

Shuttle buses from South Dover: Calvary Assembly of God located at 1141 E. Lebanon Road, Dover.  Shuttles begin leaving at 12:30pm

From New Castle County: Word of Life Christian Center Located at 854 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark
Contact Tony Maczynski 302-392-1324

From North Dover: Crossroad Christian Church located at 4867 North DuPont Hwy. Dover
Contact Vickie LeMon 302-741-2455 ext.48

Rally Details and Rules of Engagement

Understand our purpose for rallying! We are rallying FOR marriage.
Our objective is to make our voices heard on this issue to our legislators since the marriage bill is not expected to pass. Stay the course. WE do not want to dilute our purpose with any other messages.

The rally will take place directly outside of Legislative Hall in Dover.

DFPC approved Sign messages for the rally: (references to the future are best signs for teens)

1) Stop the confusion, one man one woman that’s marriage
2) No experimentation on our future – Vote YES on SB27
***3) Protect marriage for good, vote yes on SB27
4) Protect marriage, protect religious liberties.
5) Strong marriages, strong everything
***6) “We the People” define marriage, Not the Court, vote yes on SB27

Bring an umbrella if needed and wear comfortable shoes.
Bring your ID/license in case you need to enter Legislative Hall to use the facilities.

Transportation and Parking
Coming from the South:
Head north on Rt.13 to Dover. (After the car dealerships) turn left on Court Street right before the Rt.13 and 113 split and right before the Royal Farms gas station on the right.
Legislative Hall will be dead ahead. The road will wrap around the building.

Coming from the North:
Access Rt. 1 and drive south. Take exit #104 Scarborough rd (rt. 8).  At the light turn left onto Rt. 13 and head south. Follow Rt.13 for 3.5 miles and then turn right on E. Lookerman Street (SR-8).
Go through the first light and turn left at the next light, which is Legislative Ave.
Legislative Hall is right after the Courthouse on the left.

There are parking lots both behind and across the street from the Courthouse. When you turn left onto Legislative Avenue, drive past Legislative Hall (it will be on the left), go straight through the stop sign to find two more parking lots on either side of the street. If you go to the end of Legislative Avenue and turn right on E. Water St., there is another parking lot on the right just after federal St. Look for parking on the street.
*Since this area is known for parking challenges, wear comfortable shoes in case you have to park further away.
*Bus drivers should drop off participants on Legislative Avenue at Leg. Hall, by 1pm and pick-up at 2:20pm.

Important Details You Should Know
*The rally starts at 1:15, allow 30 minutes to find a parking spot and get into place.
*The rally will take place on the back and front steps of Legislative Hall and on the sides of the building.

For this rally to be a success, we need your total partnership in the following:

*Stay on the grass around the actual building
*Do not block the sidewalks.
*We will NOT be on “the green” – that will be used only if needed.
*Find the parking spots for your Legislators. Look for & greet them; tell them why you are there, “to support the MPA”!
*There will be speakers during the one-hour rally. You may not be in a position to hear the speakers, so please fill in the space on all sides of the building. Clap loudly when you hear everyone else clap, pray, and/or sing, find new friends.
*Smile at the Capitol police and thank them for their service.

Important Warning
In the event of a counter protest, expect anything, and ignore it no matter what they say or do. Do not engage the other side. If they are present they will be angry. No matter what, we expect all participants to engage with absolute excellence. Smile as much as possible, be courteous, knowing we will give account to our God. Please, pray for grace and do not give the media what they will be looking for.

The Media

If approached by the any member of the media please refer them to Nicole Theis of DFPC or Pastor Anthony Wallace. The most we recommend you say to the media is, “the shirt says it all, we are unified on this issue as you can see, and I took off work to be here!”

Recommended Ages:
Due to the possibility of a counter rally, this event is not recommended for children. Middle school aged children should be accompanied by a guardian at all times.


Understand that the rally is NOT about being confrontational, It’s all about being INTENTIONAL.

The rally IS NOT A PROTEST.  It is a rally in support for marriage.

Participants are to engage with excellence.  If there is a counter rally, expect anything and STILL RESPOND as children of the almighty God.  If you cannot demonstrate self control and grace, or just ignore the opposition, please re-think and pray about your motivation for participation.

Please do not engage the media, read below.

The Legislature in general does not believe a Marriage Protection Amendment(MPA) is necessary for our State. They think our current law is enough. That law didn’t work so well for California, did it?  We must be heard on this issue. This is what we hope to accomplish by our gathering.

Here are the reasons we are urging our Legislators to VOTE YES ON SB 27, Delaware’s MPA.

Read carefully. Use these talking points for face-to-face meetings with legislators, editorials, letters and calls.

The DOMA law (defense of marriage Act) is not holding up in courts. In New Jersey last month a same-sex couple with a marriage license from another state wanted a divorce in their home state that does not recognize same sex marriage. An activist judge granted them their divorce, therefore recognizing their marriage. WE DO NOT WANT A JUDGE DECIDING WHAT MARRIAGE IS FOR DELAWARE, EVER. Social Science overwhelmingly proves that marriage between a man and a woman is what is best for children. Children have a right to a mom and a dad.
Any form of counterfeit marriage, no matter what group wants access to it, is social experimentation on our children and will be taught in our schools.

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