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House Bill 5 is the hot topic this week. I understand that hearings for this piece of legislation were to begin soon. The text of the bill is located here, which says:

This Act adds the term “sexual orientation” to the already-existing list of prohibited practices of discrimination.

I oppose adding a matter of choice (“sexual orientation”) to a list of things that are not a matter of choice (age, race, sex). This means I don’t support HB5.

Now before the name calling and condescending sneers begin, let’s go over something. This bill has nothing to do with the right of someone to be a homosexual or lesbian. You know that. If someone chooses to live that way, then it is their choice. There is no law in the State of Delaware that forbids that.

What HB5 will bring about is a legal mess started by lawsuits based on the idea that someone feels they have become a victim of discrimination. It would seem to me this is going to be a hard case to make any way you go. Could you image the legal mess a business could become subjected to because of a discrimination case? If I were a small businessman, to avoid a lawsuit, I would be afraid not to hire a known homosexual or lesbian regardless of their qualifications.

What HB5 will bring eventually is a litany of so-called “hate crime” laws that will silence anyone who speaks any ill of someone’s choice of sexual orientation.

What HB5 will bring is an attack on a person’s federal first amendment right of freedom of religion. There was a case in New Mexico where a photographer refused a job because it would involve photographing a “commitment ceremony”, which would violate her Christian faith (story link). The conflict arose over a “sexual orientation” discrimination law.

It is disappointing that some in the state of Delaware have no problem or issue with throwing our state into the mess that this bill would impose. Hopefully common sense will prevail and see this bill bite the dust.

It is also disappointing that some in Delaware’s blogosphere has such a high level of hatred towards anyone opposed to HB5. I have, by choice, tried to write without resorting to name-calling, which is not the case of those HB5 supporters. If only an emotional case can be made for this bill, then it isn’t worthy of being made law.

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2 thoughts on “Delaware HB5

  1. I’m frankly surprised to hear anyone in the 21st century that still honestly believes that homosexuality is a matter of “choice.” Did you make a choice to be heterosexual? At what point in your life did you do that? Or, like most other people, have you simply always been attracted to the opposite sex?

    Homosexuality is no more a matter of “choice” than being black or female. Before you protest that you are saying “living” as a homosexual is the choice, let me ask this: if homosexuality was the norm, and you were attracted to the opposite gender, would you considering “living homosexual” something you could force yourself to do to fit the norm?

  2. Matt, thanks for stopping by. You wrote:

    Homosexuality is no more a matter of “choice” than being black or female.

    For the sake of the conversation, could you point out some articles to defend this? Thanks.

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