It’s Official: Tax Day Tea Party In Laurel and Other Delaware Locations

Posted: 03/24/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, georgetown, Laurel, Laurel Delaware
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NOTE: The latest information on Delaware Tax Day Tea Parties is at this link.

Delaware Tax Day Tea Party Events Planned


March 24, 2009

Chris Shirey
302 W 8th Street
Laurel, Delaware 19956
302 875-5489

Delaware announces participation in the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, 2009

Plans are underway to hold a Tax Day Tea Party in all three counties of Delaware. This will be part of a national movement with rallies being held in all fifty states to protest out-of-control government spending. Timed to coincide with the date by which Americans must pay their federal income taxes, the Tax Day Tea Party effort is a totally volunteer movement. Confirmed parties include the Circle in Georgetown from noon to 2p and Janosik Park from 4p to 8p. Plans are underway for of Legislative Mall and Rodney Square.

The Tea Party movement has given voice to the average American whose voice gets lost when spoken alone. Each of the Delaware events will be asking for food donations. The need for food has been increasing at a terrifying rate! This is our opportunity to show government that We The People, can recognize a problem and provide a solution faster and better than the government, and we will not require a contract, increased taxes or need a million dollar bonus. The Tax Day Tea Party is history in the making. The only other event in history that can be compared is the Boston Tea Party. This will be the largest gathering of citizens voicing their opinions ever in the history of our country. We also want it to be the largest food drive ever in history. Please don’t just bring a can, bring a box! Your neighbor needs it.

The national coordinators include Smart Girl Politics, Top Conservatives on Twitter and the DontGo Movement, in addition to other center-right activist groups. When asked about the need for nationwide rallies based on the Boston Tea Party of 1773, Eric Odom, Chairman of the DontGo Movement, remarked, “Building on the free market ideas of our founding fathers, and embracing the passion they shared to bring them to light, the Nationwide Tea Party Movement is giving voice to tens of thousands of Americans.” Added Stacy Mott, President of Smart Girl Politics, “Average Americans do not support mortgaging away our children’s futures, and the time to speak out against it is now.”

Information on The Tax Day Tea Party can be found at

  1. Chris Shirey says:

    Please visit our official Delaware Tax Day Tea Party website. I am so excited! All four Tax Day Tea Parties are confirmed! We are in every county!!! Laurel, Georgetown, Dover, and Wilmington. We are taking RSVP for attendance on our official website (, and I must add that Laurel is getting creamed right now. Come help me out and RSVP!
    Chris Shirey