Sussex School Chaos

Posted: 03/20/2009 by that's Elbert in crime, Laurel, Laurel Delaware, schools, Seaford, Sussex County
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This morning brought some crazy events to Sussex County schools. Threats via text messages and called-in bomb threats created one big crazy mess for police officers and school administrators.

Text messages circulated in Seaford and Woodbridge School Districts warned of a school shooting occuring sometime between 8am and noon. The response by the districts was to lock down the schools.

Things were different in Laurel, where the schools were given a bomb threat. Students at the high school and middle/intermediate schools were evacuated, sending them out into the cold. It was in the 40s this morning, but with the wind blowing it felt a lot colder. It appears that the students at North Laurel Elementary and Dunbar Elementary never left the buses on which they came to school.

Bomb threats were later given to Sussex Tech High School and Sussex Central High School. After these threats, I thought all this stuff was just crazy, but when would it end? Thankfully it ended there.

I am glad nothing came of the bomb threats at all of the schools effected. It looks like Delaware State Police picked up 4 involved in the text message threats for Seaford and Woodbridge. Charia West, 19, of Seaford was charged with felony terroristic threatening and conspiracy. Three juveniles were also charged in the crime.

For Laurel, I am certain this event will be discussed for a while. Let’s hope it never happens again.

Stories: WBOC, News Journal

  1. Erin J says:

    This reminds me of a rash of threats that happened in the mid ’90s. My memories are probably a little faded, but I remember we were getting threats every day. As a student it was great because we were always going outside, but now as a teacher there I can see how aggravating and scary the whole situation is.

    Thank goodness it looks like it was just all talk.

  2. I remember that, it was right after the Oklahoma City bombing. We were getting the same threats up in Massachusetts also. Since it was the dead of winter, they’d first sweep the gymnasium, and then evacuate up there so we wouldn’t have to stay in the cold.

    This shows how times have changed. The perps were later caught because the school sprang for a newfangled caller ID box after the first or second prank. It was a kid who went there trying to stir trouble.