Beau Biden Prediction

Posted: 03/10/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, election, Politics, US Senate
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There has been talk for a while related to a potential Beau Biden campaign for US Senate. It would seem that it is predetermined that Beau will ascend to the throne, sitting in his father’s former place, continuing the Biden dynasty for years to come.

The following statement I have said to friends for a couple of months, but now it will be made official. I predict that Beau Biden will not run for his father’s former US Senate seat.

Yes, this news story reports that the polls don’t look good for Beau if he ran against Mike Castle. A loss for Beau wouldn’t be good for his political future. The polls aren’t really the reason for my opinion.

For whatever reason, probably a gut feeling, I think he wants to somehow feel he earned the seat, not that he got the seat because he’s Joe’s boy. If he wanted to take complete advantage of being Joe’s boy, he could have stayed home from Iraq, after all he’s not just a senator’s son, he is the son of the Vice President. He didn’t stay home.

Sure, armed forces service would look good on his resume, and that could be the only reason he didn’t stay home, but I don’t think it’s so.

Here is the sad part of my wild guess. Whether he wants to earn the seat or not, there’s still people that would push the button for him just because he’s a Biden.

If I’m right, I will be hailed as a genius, or at least a lucky guesser. If I’m wrong, That’s Elbert will be in second place for Delaware’s Dumbest Blog, right behind Hube‘s favorite blog.

(And so that you know, the line “Hube’s favorite blog” is a joke.)


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