Snow Driving Story

Posted: 03/09/2009 by that's Elbert in Fun
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It has been a week since the snowstorm. In honor of the one week anniversary, I thought I’d share a snow story with you.

It was back when I was 16. I’m in my parents’ car driving from Selbyville to Laurel, trying to get to school at Epworth. I am not sure why I felt compelled to go to school in a snowstorm, but I did. There were two passengers with me, kids I normally took to school. I took my time driving, but for some reason when I was driving on Route 24 that day I had a flash of stupidity.

You know those flashes of stupidity. Teenagers think they know everything and can do everything. I sure did. So those same teenagers make poor judgments. They do big pieces of stupid. I sure did.

Any rational human being driving on Route 24 that day would have offered praise to God for the snowplow in front of my vehicle. Yes, I met a snowplow on the road, clearing a path before me. It was a perfect situation. I just drive behind the plow and make it safely to Laurel. Well I didn’t do that. I had a flash of stupidity.

I passed the snowplow. Yep, in my parents’ little red car I proceeded to pass the plow. The very tool that would make the road before me safe was going too slow for me. I flashed stupid and passed it.

Well at least I tried. The car got almost passed the plow when we took a spin and stopped in some piled up snow on the side of the road. I was scared, along with my passengers. With the vehicle facing the road, I could see the driver of the snowplow pointing and laughing at me as he drove by. Luckily we weren’t stuck, and I easily got out.

We made it to our destination safely, despite my big piece of stupid. I never passed a snowplow again.

  1. Most young drivers never get enough practice in the snow. With my pupils we had some heavy snow recently, I made a point of making sure no lessons were cancelled so that got experience in the snow. It’s better that they have that experience now with me beside them than to pass and have to deal with the situation on their own :o)