My Favorite Musician Makes Me Smarter Than You

Posted: 03/06/2009 by that's Elbert in education, Music, society
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Hat tip to Really Bad Parent for this story (RBP is following me on Twitter again).

A CalTech Graduate student did a study on a connection between musical tastes and SAT scores. His study showed the lowest SAT scores came from students that listened to Lil’ Wayne while the high scores went to listeners of Beethoven.

Working down from the highest scores, you run into other study subject’s favorites such as Sufjan Stevens, Counting Crows, Guster, U2, Radiohead, and Ben Folds. Down on the bottom with Lil’ Wayne are soca music, Beyonce, gospel music, and T.I.

It’s not a scientific study, but it was fun to find where my favorite bands fell. I was surprised by the variety of musicians and styles. I don’t think any style or genre was without representation. For the record, my favorites were all over the place!

The story and accompanying graphic are at this link. The article asks:

Does intelligence choose the band? Or does music define how smart we become?

Based on what I always heard, the later question would be true. Garbage in, garbage out. You are what you eat. But does music really have that much to do with intelligence?

  1. Erin J says:

    Ok! No more 20 on 20 on my XM radio! jk

    Wonder what happens when you like all those things and listen to them all intermittently? That’s where I fall.

    Ok, so obviously right now I’m catching up on my favorite Laurel blog. Sorry for being all late and wrong!