Driving, Talking and Breast Feeding, Oh My!

Posted: 02/28/2009 by that's Elbert in crime, families
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Genine Compton was doing what might be the ultimate multi-task: driving while talking on the cell phone and breast feeding her child. And you thought just driving with cell phone use was bad.

Police in Kettering, Ohio have charged Compton with child endangerment after discovering the event, reported by another motorist. No, there wasn’t concern about driving and talking, it was about the child. Compton said she would not let her child go hungry, so she placed the child in her lap to feed him/her. I have to ask: what in the world was she thinking?? As a minister I have heard might say, that was a “big piece of stupid.” Pull off to the side of the road and then feed the child.

Compton may end up in jail for 6 months or fined for the event. Honestly she may avoid jail time because of the nursing child, being subjected to a fine only. For the child’s sake (and her’s), hopefully she will never pull a stunt like this again.

The AP story was reported here.


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