Most Major Media Outlets Aren’t Liberal

Posted: 02/23/2009 by that's Elbert in bias, liberal
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I have read something like this before, but now it is being repeated by Delaware Liberal:

Our friends on the right will simply laugh at this thought, for they will simply say that the media is liberal. First, that is lie. The media is not liberal or conservative generally…

What in the world are they smoking, injecting or drinking? Anybody that can operate a mouse as well as read can go here and see how wrong DL is. With the exception of Fox News, just about every major news outlet favors a liberal viewpoint, but I guess they just aren’t far enough left for them. Oh well.

  1. Hube says:

    As Bernie Goldberg is known to say when people like the DLers state this nonsense, “They’re just delusional. Period.”