Petition To Oppose Sports Betting

Posted: 02/13/2009 by that's Elbert in culture, Delaware, opinions
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There is now an online petition for those opposed to sports betting in the great state of Delaware. The link is here. I signed on (#2). Hope to see your signature too.

By the way, Rep. Biff Lee has said that residents of the 40th oppose sports betting, so he will oppose it as well. That sounds like he will vote the will of the people but maybe he personally supports it. Not sure as I haven’t posed that question to him myself. I am not sure of Sen. Bob Venables’ opinion. Maybe someone who knows could share that.

UPDATE: Apparently I can’t spell my own name on the petition. There’s no “J” in my last name. Oh well.

UPDATE 2: I got my original signature deleted so I could re-sign. Now I’m number #13 on Friday February 13.

UPDATE 3: It’s Monday 2/16, and the petition is gone. Where did it go?


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