Digital TV Switch

Posted: 02/09/2009 by that's Elbert in TV, WBOC, WMDT
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The date for the nation’s switch from analog television to digital television has been changed to June 12. Congress decided that Americans were not ready for the change yet, so the delay had to happen.

Our area has had digital television for a while with The CW and Fox. ABC affiliate WMDT had to make the digital change last fall. WBOC is still switching to all digital on the original transition date, February 17.

The digital change has been talked about and talked about for a while. We have been notified well in advance. Our local CBS affiliate WBOC has been talking about it for probably more than a year, almost to the point where it has become obnoxious. If someone is not ready for the change at this point, they have got to be a hard core procrastinator. There’s not a lot of excuse.

While the change to digital broadcasting can happen sooner than June 12 (allowed in the new law), I have to wonder if there will be lawsuits to challenge early conversions. Here’s a thought for those considering lawsuits: take the money you’re paying for a lawyer and go buy a converter box. Leave the broadcasters alone.

  1. Get it over with, I am so sick of the daily reminders that 95% of their viewers don’t need.

    If you have an old fart in your family who still doesn’t have cable, get them a digital box for their rabbit ears. Tell them it’ll get more channels. It’ll be a birthday gift or something.

    I have an aunt who needed one, refused to get it, wanted to wait for her “coupon” from the guv’mint. So, for Christmas she got one, and her lovely nephew installed it. Instead of getting a fuzzy WBOC and audio only from WMDT, she now gets 4 or 5 different channels, and loves it.