Skydiving Instructor Dies and The Student Lands Safely

Posted: 02/01/2009 by that's Elbert in News & Politics
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Skydiving instructor George C. “Chip” Steele of Sumter, South Carolina, died while doing a tandem jump with a first time student. Steele had a heart attack in the air. Student and instructor were able to land safely. The unidentified student tried to revive Steele unsuccessfully.

This is yet another reason I would never jump from a plane.

The story is here.

  1. Howard says:

    That must have been scary. When they jump in tandem it looks difficult for the student to control the parachute, but it does show how safe skydiving is. I made one jump just to say I did it (the law of averages is in your favor the first five jumps). DelTech was offering a first time parachute class and Gordon Reiner taught it. We didn’t jump tandem, just shoved us screaming out of the door of the plane. I have never decided if the experience was truly great or I was just glad to be alive when I hit ground.