Random Thoughts – Inauguration Edition

Posted: 01/20/2009 by that's Elbert in Barack Obama, Joe Biden
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Remember when Obama stumbled during the oath? It was kinda funny. Put yourself in Obama’s shoes. I would have stumbled over my words and probably wet myself.

I’m probably going to sound mean with this next statement, but I would have rather heard another poem from Maya Angelou this year. In my opinion, Elizabeth Alexander’s poem was not very good.

Rick Warren said a good prayer (text here). I was with a group of kids at the middle school during that segment. Several of them said “amen” with him. That sounded so good it gave me chills. For the benediction, Joseph Lowery’s quote from “Lift Every Voice And Sing” was nice but he probably should have left off the corny ending.

At the end of Obama’s speech, WBAL pops up lottery numbers. Boy that was a smart move. Yeah, lottery numbers are right up there with an inauguration speech. It had to be a mistake.

Could you have surgically removed the smile from Joe Biden’s face today? And boy did he looked like he was having fun on the parade route. For that moment I was happy he was from Delaware.

That’s all I’ve got right now.

  1. laurel says:

    Elbert-every news report that I’ve heard/read is indicating that the error was Roberts’.

    Whatever, I loved every minute of it, including Warren’s prayer, and the inaugural poem.

    My high schooler said that he didn’t get to watch the inauguration today at school. I know this is a controversial subject, but I was a bit disappointed about that. Of course, it is exam week. Good to know that the middle school students’s did, and I understand that North did as well.

  2. The error with Obama/Roberts was split in opinion when I published this. When I heard it (my back was to the monitor), it sounded like Obama stumbled. Everybody today says Justice Roberts screwed up.

    Oh yeah, I should be clear with this as well. Saying it was kinda funny, I was laughing with Pres Obama & Justice Roberts, not at them.

    Laurel, I understand your disappointment. At least in our day we can find videos of it to view on the internet, but there’s nothing like seeing it live.

  3. swampcritter2 says:

    The lottery numbers were thrown up to remind us of the huge gamble we are taking with this guy.