I’m So Sick

Posted: 01/18/2009 by that's Elbert in Music, personal

Sorry for no posts. I’ve been sick. My head is pounding. I just can’t write much right now. I should be back in gear Monday night or Tuesday maybe.

Update: Flyleaf fans might have picked up the title: YouTube.

  1. Get well. soup and ginger ale and warm blankets and all that. Keep the tissues close and the remote control closer.

  2. I had a nose bleed Thursday night that wouldn’t stop. I went to the ER during which they packed it to stop the bleeding. It was placing enough pressure on my head that I was staying in pain for most of the weekend. I got some temporary relief Saturday. Early Sunday afternoon I got some relief again, and the pain hasn’t returned since. I think the pack has shifted off the pressure area, thank God. I couldn’t think straight and have been miserable to be around (ask my wife). I’ll see the doctor (who insisted the pack be left in over the weekend) on Monday. I hope he doesn’t shove anything else up there. Headaches scare me because for me many times they are precursors to seizures.

  3. D***, man. Sounds alot more serious than a cold or the flu. I would hate to sound like a know-it-all, but maybe it’s time to find out what is causing the seizures. Maybe I watch too much House, but I know that one thing always leads to another if you let it go too long.

  4. My wife got me hooked on House. Could you imagine somebody like that poking around on you? My “primary care doctor” is a great and friendly doctor. I can’t imagine dealing with someone so cold and impersonal, no matter how smart he/she is.

  5. Michael says:

    I did. That’s a pretty cool song, and the singer actually does the title justice the way she does it.

  6. Lacey Mosley looks so thin it’s almost like she’s been sick or something. No matter, she’s good.