Dell Pointe: A Family Venue? (correction: Del Pointe)

Posted: 01/11/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Sussex County
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(Blogger’s note: Dell Pointe should be Del Pointe. I guess because I work with Dell computers, my mind gravitates toward that spelling.)

During the Millsboro town council meeting on January 5 Gene Lankford presented the potential benefits of bringing a horse racing track to the area. Lankford of Chesapeake Tract LLC, is one of the investors seeking to set up the horse racing track called Dell Pointe, which will sit currently north of town.

According to the Sussex Countian:

Video Lottery Terminals (VLT) would likely have to be utilized to generate enough funding for purses. In 20 days, at $100,000 a day, enough could be generated for purses to keep up with those awarded in Harrington and Dover, Lankford said.

Previously we were not told about adding any other gambling there except horse racing. Now Dell Pointe needs VLT to make money for purses.

Let us not forget that three other tracks in Delaware said they couldn’t stay in business unless the people of this state let them have slots. If horse racing is not profitable without slots, then how will Dell Pointe survive? This track with reported “unprofitable” horse racing is already adding VLT for the purses. How long before slots are part of Chesapeake Tract’s plan?

In addition, Lankford said, “We want this to be a family venue and destination point.”A family venue?? Yes, I will be taking my kids and grandkids to show them how to bet on horses and play the lottery. That’s family for you.


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