The Burning Toilet

There’s an arsonist running around San Francisco. One has to wonder what the motivation of this arsonist is. This one is putting the torch to portable toilets. So far 14 of those movable potties have found their demise by the flames. Some tree limbs have been scorched but no one has been hurt. There is a fear that someone could get hurt, so fire officials are recommending that the toilets are locked.

I’ve got to ask: how do you set fire to one of those things? It’s made of plastic! Although if you threw a match in right after… oh never mind.

This type of crime really stinks. One has to wonder what kind of crap the arsonist has been smoking to lead him to this type of crime.

Story link: KGO-TV San Francisco


2 thoughts on “The Burning Toilet

  1. And we thought it was bad when we lose our toilet rentals to fires … but then we put them out for the firefighters to use! We’ve had a few torched over the years, but thank God nobody has been hurt!

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