The New Year’s Post

Posted: 01/03/2009 by that's Elbert in blogging
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During the Christmas 2006 holiday I made three resolutions for the 2007 year. One of those resolutions was this blog. Out of the three resolutions this has been the most successful.

That’s Elbert saw substantial growth over the 2008 year, more than tripling the total hits from the 2007 year. That’s Elbert has also added two contributors since the summer. It has also opened several doors for me, one being interviewed for a News Journal article on the past election. I have met many fellow bloggers during the last year, mostly via email but a few face-to-face. I also had the chance of meeting some readers too. Certainly regarding this blog, this year has been very satisfying in many ways.

Personally I consider myself blessed in all it’s success. Certainly there were some choices I made to achieve the success of the past year. I consider the good ideas to be the inspiration of God’s spirit. I can’t speak for anything else.

This blog started with a resolution. I don’t normally make resolutions, but I’m glad I made that one.

For all that took the time to read this, I pray a great new year. To borrow from Kenneth Hagin, “God’s richest and best be yours.”


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