Not Even A Christmas Break From The Spammers

Posted: 12/26/2008 by that's Elbert in Christmas, email, Technology
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During Christmas 2007, I took note that my Gmail spam box was lighter than during a normal day. To be fair I don’t have hard numbers on how much mail was present, but I recall a noticable drop in the spam. This year I thought hard numbers were in order, so for Christmas 2008 I had 124 spam messages, which includes 1 that I manually placed in the box. If my memory serves me OK, I had less than 50 messages last year. Economic times must be tough for even the spammers.

Brian received an annoying email from the Libertarian Party on Christmas Day, to which he comments here. As far as my inbox goes, I got 21 messages. Nine of those messages were from Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress which were notifying me that comments were made or people were following me. Six of those messages were selling something. The remaining number were mailing lists to which I subscribed. It would be safe to say that the 19 messages in my inbox were self-inflicted. I am grateful that I didn’t get annoying messages from a political party. It appears all those came before Christmas.


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