Mike Huckabee Christmas Flashback

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In HuckPAC’s most recent email, Mike Huckabee reminded his readers about last year’s controversal Christmas ad. I am sure you remember it, the ad which some said had a subliminal message with a “floating cross” in the background. The text of the ad brushed aside political topics and directed it’s viewers to the message of Christmas.

That ad started a bunch of Christmas-flavored ads from the candidates:

  • Hillary Clinton’s “Presents” ad, political through and through (watch).
  • John Edwards, which barely acknowledged Christmas (watch).
  • Rudy Giuliani, which covered politics until around 17 seconds when it turned funny (watch).
  • John McCain, who told a moving story about Christmas in Vietnam (watch).
  • Barack Obama, who, like Huckabee, brushed aside politics in favor of a Christmas greeting, tossing in the family for good measure (watch).

Edwards ad was the worst of the bunch, almost Grinch-like, just making us all feel lousy about Christmas. Clinton’s ad told much about her and the left in general, promising you the world under the tree, ignoring the bills coming in January. For us, the presents’ reality would be our kids and grandkids getting the bill. McCain’s ad told a moving Christmas story. Everybody has a Christmas story, right? The last 13 seconds of Rudy’s ad was right down my alley. I love the fun aspects of Christmas. Some of my favorite Christmas music are the funny ones such as “The Christmas Song” by the Chipmunks and “Jingle Bells” by the Singing Dogs. Even if you didn’t care for Rudy, and I didn’t, you couldn’t help but smile at the ad.

Honestly the best Christmas political ads were non-political, and those came from the Obama and Huckabee campaigns. Having Obama’s family up there with the girls making the greeting was just about perfect. But as I recall, Huckabee started it all. Without trying and without a lot of money, Huckabee got more coverage with that ad than his campaign could have afforded at the time. With a direct and clear Chrismas message, the Huckabee ad was the best.

The point of the HuckPAC email was to sell Mike Huckabee’s book, Do The Right Thing. Unfortunately for HuckPac, the budget at our household won’t allow the book purchase right now. The Laurel Library is for me… to wait at least a week or more for the book or CD to arrive.

This email reminded me that even Christmas can’t escape politics. I’m sure glad the campaign is over, for now.


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