Random Thoughts #8

Posted: 12/21/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, friends, health, opinions, personal, radio
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As some have pointed out, Saturday was my birthday. This year I got my first birthday call. My daughter doesn’t live at home anymore, so she took part of her morning and called her dad. That was very nice. She even joined us for some dinner. I got a bag of full of presents from her and her boyfriend, which included a t-shirt and a Jeremy Camp CD as well as a Pez set honoring Elvis Presley. My wife and sons wished me a happy birthday. I also received numerous birthday greetings by email and Facebook. I felt special.

A while back I wrote that I have these “seizure episodes” every so often. Usually I only get one clue that it’s coming, and I just have to be aware of the clue. Well this time I had one at the full time job Wednesday, and identified that a smell set this one off. So now I know to avoid those types of odors. This one was bad in that it took about three days to get over it, much longer than previous times. Add that fatigue from the “seizure episode” in with the stress of preparing for Sunday’s service and some other things, well you’ve got a real mess. There is no desire to return to the doctor for this, but there might be pressure from some folks looking out for my best. I can only hope that my doctor does not read this blog.

Well, now you see I have a good excuse for not writing. Regardless of my thin posting, the site was #5 on BlogNet News’ Delaware rank and #8 on BlogNet News’ Delmarva rank. Feels good to be in the top 5 in Delaware again. BlogNet News also ranks this blog as the #1 conservative blog in Delaware, which feels really good when this blog is up against several very good blogs, particularly The Colossus of Rhodey, who’s author, Hube, I admire. I’ve had several chats with Hube via Google Talk. Despite his detractors in some dark crevices of the Delaware blogosphere, I have found him to be a very nice person.

Hube, along with Brian, are some the bloggers that I know that have become radio superstars on DelawareTalkRadio.com. Michael Swartz, frequent contributor to this site, is also a radio superstar, having made several appearances on WICO-AM. I’m still waiting for my chance, but I don’t think I will ever be the King of All Media. The argument can be made that I’ve got a face for radio so TV is out. Well MSNBC might put me on (anything for ratings, including me). Maybe Howard, Uncle Paul, Outraged Richard, and myself could do our own podcast. We could toss our local radio superstars into the mix and have a lot of fun. Uncle Paul has some experience in radio, as well as two other friends of mine, so maybe with the three advisers we’d have a good show.

My wife just proofed this post and said, in summary, that it should be called “rambling thoughts”.

  1. kim says:

    should i let your doctor know about your blog?