Levin in Markell’s Cabinet

Posted: 12/04/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, governor, Jack Markell, Politics
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The News Journal reports that Alan Levin, a former GOP hopeful for governor, will be announced as the Secretary of the Delaware Economic Development Office today. Well, isn’t that interesting? Was Jack Markell throwing a bone to the GOP?

Now all Markell needs to do is appoint his former foe to a cabinet position much like his messianic counterpart is doing in DC. John Carney is probably looking for a job anyway.

The story is here.

UPDATE: Regarding John Carney, I guess he wants a different job.

  1. Andy says:

    A democrat running in a democratic state… I suppose it’s POSSIBLE Carney could beat Castle… Democrat (and relative unknown?) Karen Hartley-Nagle managed to get 37.99% of the vote in ’08. If you’re Castle, are you nervous about 2010?