Bulldogs Had A Good Season

Posted: 11/28/2008 by that's Elbert in Laurel, Laurel Delaware
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Laurel Bulldogs football had a great season (9-2), unfortunately Milford ended up the champions this time. Regardless, we are proud of you all.

  1. Zafo Jones says:

    Hi Elbert. Yeah, I have to say, Laurel looked good in general last night but just couldn’t crack through to get the points. I’m glad we had a nice turnout in Dover (I even saw Lt. Gov. Carney on our side). Cold night, long game…hopefully we’ll get there again next year.

    Hey, I have my new blog up…hopefully this time a little less offensive…more news-oriented and less critical. I’m sure my cynical personality will creep in eventually, but I’m going to try to play it straighter with this one. I widened the scope to focus on the whole area, which will hopefully keep the Laurel bugs off my back for awhile.

    Again, great site, man, and I’ll talk to you later!


  2. John Carney was on our side? Maybe that’s why we lost. 😉