Thanksgiving Day 2008 Summary

Posted: 11/27/2008 by that's Elbert in holidays, thanksgiving

Here are some scattered thoughts, reports, observations, and anything else about Thanksgiving Day 2008.

My fellow blogger Howard appears to have been up all night. I took note that for November 27th he has posts up for 1:53am, 3:17am, 5:25am, and finally 9:26am. I guess when you’re retired it really doesn’t matter what time you go to bed. Howard did remind his readers of that episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where the turkeys flew… to a degree. In this episode, news reporter Les Nessman sounds like the radio reporter at the Hindenburg disaster (which Nessman mentions), although the Hindenburg disaster was much worse, unless you’re an animal rights nut. You can watch that WKRP episode, Turkeys Away, online at this link.

I am trying to figure out what Howard meant by the “older readers” comment in his WKRP post. I remember that episode but I was 10 when it aired. Was it long enough ago to qualify me as old? Maybe I shouldn’t go there.

Michael from Monoblogue, a contributor to this site, pointed out some ads that express thankfulness for Sarah Palin. Regarding the end of the ad, I don’t know what moose chili takes like, but ground deer makes a mean chili without a lot of fat either! I would still rather have turkey for Thanksgiving.

Brian was predicting a really bad Thanksgiving Day dinner. It turned out better than expected with the exception of his father-in-law. Good for you, Brian, you didn’t let him spoil the dinner. Don’t give up on the sweet potatoes either. My wife makes a sweet potato souffle that you’d probably like. Ooo, the sweet potato biscuits are great too. Send me an email if you want either recipe.

I bet Brian’s wife had to work today for at least 4 hours, as did my oldest son who also works at Walmart. That stinks. Well, at least it’s only 4 hours. Growing up in Sussex County, specifically in Selbyville, I can remember when the only place open on Thanksgiving or Christmas was Bodie’s, a local convenience store. Everything in town was closed. Now most every business is open. Times have changed.

I saw that Hube was online this morning, so I shot him over a “Happy Thanksgiving”. At the end of our very brief chat, I wrote, “God’s richest and best to you and your family,” to which he replied, “Muchas gracias….same to you, amigo.” I am thankful I know a small amount of Spanish and that my wife and sons know much, much more.

Two things that Barack Obama is probably thankful for right now. First, he is thankful for all the free promotion his campaign got from many segments of the media, news and entertainment. Second, he is thankful that he will finally have more executive experience than Sarah Palin.

This Thanksgiving was very different than recent ones. Since we moved to the thriving metropolis of Laurel, we have always had guests at our home for dinner. Several times the guests weren’t invited, they just showed up. It was fine with us because we always had plenty of food to share. One year we had four hungry teen boys join us with our four teens. You can imagine what that was like. This year, the usual suspects that would grace our home had other obligations. In addition, our daughter, who moved out this summer, was not present. She called this afternoon asking her mother how to make something, but that was it. She said she would stop by, but she didn’t. We all missed her. This has to be the first holiday heartbreak I have had since my father passed away 5 years ago. Hopefully Christmas will be better.

There was no intention to end on a sour note. Look, we had food to eat in a home with heat. Both are great. Reality is, the thanksgiving holiday is all about thanking God for His goodness to our country. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for a great family and friends, and thank you for a great country which You have provided.

  1. Uncle Paul says:

    I’m surprised you were only 10 when they aired the WKRP Turkey episode. You’re just a mere youngster! Actually, in that episode, Les’s referral to the Hindenberg (“all the humanity”) was a satirical reference, as Les was always looking the “Big” Story, which as we all know, never occurred.

    Have a Great Thanksgiving Weekend!

    … And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness And Your praise all day long

    Psalm 35:28

  2. I watched a episode of “When Weather Changed History” about the Hindenberg sometime during the last month. The audio of that day was fresh in my mind while recalling the WKRP episode. Les mentioned in his report something like “not since the Hindenberg”, which demonstrates his desire for the big story. I actually watched the episode online (thus the link). It reminded me what I liked about that show. One of my sons came in on the end of the show and laughed out loud at the turkey drop.

  3. Howard says:

    Still in denial about that age thing aren’t you.