Early Primaries – I Agree With Liberals?

Posted: 11/20/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, opinions, Politics
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I remembered back in 2004 before I really did anything serious with a blog, I wrote a rather weak post directed toward the GOP regarding bumping the primary back to sometime in the spring. I thought it would be a good way to set the candidates in stone early for the seats they wish to take. Instead of spending most of the year running against someone in your own party, you spend that time running against who will be on the ballot in November. Imagine my surprise when I looked on Delaware Liberal and found this:

Moving the Primary. The current system is an incumbent protection scheme. This may take a few years but our efforts, if successful, will have a huge payoff.

(I think that DL wrote about it earlier but I can’t find the post) DL supports the earlier primary for different reasons. I really don’t see early primaries busting up the “incumbent protection scheme.” Term limits would go a lot farther to that end, but the only support I have ever seen regarding term limits is among conservatives. I wrote a post which contained my rough ideas on term limits for Delaware (there is a static page in the works that would clean up my ideas). The two pluses for term limits are (1) busting up the incumbancy and (2) developing leadership talent in every party. If DL agreed with me on term limits along with early primaries, wow that would actually be biparitsan!

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