Don’t Cross Michelle

Posted: 11/16/2008 by that's Elbert in Fun, opinions, Politics

My wife and I are sitting in the living room waiting for The Amazing Race to come on CBS. We are having to wait through a broadcast of 60 Minutes. This broadcast is featuring an interview with Barack and Michelle Obama. My wife has most of her attention placed on a notepad trying to write a letter to a friend (yes, real paper). I’ve got the laptop wasting time cleaning up the mailbox and checking Facebook. From across the room I remind my wife that I often thought that Obama was going to be Jimmy Carter II, inheriting a mess and making it no better, leaving the country to be saved by Ronald Reagan II (whomever that may be). After watching Michelle Obama, I think that she may be Hillary Clinton II: a strong woman who’d rather be in her husbands’ seat. My wife would disagree. She felt that Michelle Obama had a stronger family tie than Hillary, appearing to be more concerned about the children and her husband. Michelle may have higher aspirations for later in life, but for now she’s more concerned with being a wife and mother.

My wife may sway my opinion to hers, but there was one thing we agreed upon. Michelle Obama has that look that says, “Don’t let anyone cross me, or I’ll kick your fanny across the White House lawn.”

  1. Howard says:

    “the country to be saved by Ronald Reagan “, it is odd you would say that. I will admit things turned around from the Jimmy Carter era, but Reagan did it by putting the nation into debt and increasing entitlements and those idea have continued to today and that is why we are in this mess.