Random Thoughts – Election 2008 Edition

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Today I got to participate in democracy in action. Not only did I vote but I helped other fellow Delaware residents vote by working at my poll. It gave me a perspective on how elections function in the First State. My oldest son worked there with me as well. He seemed to enjoy himself. Both of us will enjoy the paycheck in about a week or two, although my check is already spent.

There is some satisfaction I draw from the results. Although Christine O’Donnell lost her bid for US Senate, she did win in a couple of representative districts. In the 38th, she topped Biden 7194 – 6239. In the 39th, she defeated Biden 3813 – 3791. In the 40th, my district, she bested Biden 4684 – 4154. At my polling place, my direct neighbors, she won 687 – 645.

How soon will the GOP blame McCain’s loss on Palin? Somebody needs to wake up and realize that it would have been a slaughter if McCain had picked Romney or some other “centrist”. Most of the base were voting for Palin for VP more than McCain for P.

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Everyone can be happy about the election of a black man to the highest office in the land. Most conservatives did deeper than the skin color to the real issues and realize what damage a Obama presidency could do to this country. Most conservatives realized that we had no friend in McCain outside of his VP pick, but Obama is likely to conduct an all-out attack on freedom of speech (Fairness Doctrine) and the prosperity of the nation. Yeah, that’s the change we need, right?

Much to the left’s disappointment, we won’t be leaving Iraq on day one, two, or three of an Obama presidency. In fact, Iraq will be presented in a positive light now that Bush is out of the way.

Based on Jack Markell’s victory, there’s a good chance that I cannot refer to Maryland as being “behind the iron Curtain.” We will be joining them soon. I doubt that Delaware will improve under a Markell administration. He might be a one term governor, something we should have had with Minner.

Michael at Monoblogue weighs in on Delaware’s results:

I almost feel more sorry for my friends in Delaware though because they’ve REALLY screwed the pooch in that state. To go from a 22-19 GOP majority in their House to a 26-15 Democrat one and to elect a Governor who reminds me of Martin O’Malley – I guess that is some good news for Maryland since Delaware will definitely lose a lot of its attractiveness.

Maryland race tracks will be getting slots. As a result Delaware revenues from slots are going to tank, causing a stronger passion for sports betting. Yes folks we are spiraling downward:

Progress, we are marching backward
Progress, as the captains of our fate
Progress, as we spiral downward
Progress, we entangle and we complicate.
(“Progress” by Kerry Livgren)

Yep, I’m down.

UPDATE: One more thing. Here’s a real chance to compare/contrast the behavior of the BDS left under Bush and the right under Obama. Who will behave better? I bet I know, and this article at Hot Air may say it all:

I’ll never be a fan, but I swear I’ll never take a nutroots posture either in relishing his failures because it helps my party. Like it or not, he’s my president. As a great man once said, country first.

Betcha you never saw that in the left’s treatment of Bush.


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