Random Thoughts – Election 2008 Edition #2

Posted: 11/05/2008 by that's Elbert in Barack Obama, Delaware, democrats, election, GOP, opinions, Politics, Republican
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Friends, I want to lay a challenge before you. Most Christians spent a good deal of time praying before the election. I would continue to pray for our new President, asking for God’s protection and God’s wisdom.

Remember a couple of posts back I talked about God’s will regarding the election. Is anyone content with the idea that Obama’s victory was God’s will? Is anyone content with the idea that he wouldn’t be the leader of this country if it were not given to him by the Lord? Contentment with the Lord’s decision doesn’t mean that you embrace every crackpot idea that Obama has. You are just accepting that God knows what He’s doing despite the outward appearance that He doesn’t.

10:31 To Glory has an article that echoes some of my thoughts above.

At the Delmarva Christian High School banquet in October, columnist and author Cal Thomas talked about God placing leaders over countries in the past as a blessing to the people or as a judgment on the people. One has to wonder if we are under judgment or blessing. We all shall see.

Some of you might be surprised at some of the DCHS banquet’s attendees. I had several Republicans sitting at my table, but there were several Democrat candidates at the table beside mine. They all heard what I referenced above. I have no idea what they thought of the full speech.

Biff Lee and Barb Hudson were both very polite and easy to talk with while I was getting things together for the published questions. I think Biff Lee wasn’t sure what to make of my request or my blog.

Due to his Q&A with the Insurance Commissioner candidates and the ensuing discussion afterward, Brian Shields at The Mourning Constitution is now a blogging superstar. Brian, the next time I see you, I will get your autograph.

Looks like the GOP gets to rebrand itself. On a national scale, the big government GOP has shown itself to be a election killer. There needs to be some thinking about what works best for Delaware.

Did anybody notice that for a while during the campaign it appeared that Barack Obama was running against Sarah Palin? What was it about Sarah Palin that scared Obama’s campaign as well as his disciples in the MSM? Maybe it was that she was a real reformer?

  1. Heather says:

    As a supporter of Obama, a Christian, and one who believes stongly in the importance of social responsibility; I felt those qualities were best embodied by our new Presidential eelect Obama. the reason I voted for him.
    As for Sarah Palin, I disagree that he seemed to be runing against her. I think she kept putting her foot in her mouth and the press kept running away with it. Obama did not spend much time on her or negativity, though be assured there was some from all party’s. For me, the deciding factor is her limited view point, values that were decisive, alientating and just down right un-Christian (lack of respect for nature being one) that appalled me. I think Mc Cain’s true defeat came from this selection of a running mate. I say thank God for his mistake. For God, surely had a hand in blessing Obama in, as many of my Christian friends and I, prayed very hard for this to happen!

  2. Blogging Superstar? eeesh. now i guess I have to keep up the buzz after the initial high. Honestly, it is addicting and nerve wracking.

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