News Journal Endorses Biden – Anyone Surprised?

Posted: 11/02/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, election, Joe Biden, opinions, Politics, US Senate

Last week, the News Journal gave their editorial blessing to Joe Biden for both the VP and Senate seat. No one was really surprised by their endorsement based on their past positive coverage of Biden. Biden’s opponent, Christine O’Donnell has said that it wasn’t right that Biden ran for both seats. As you are all aware, this blogger agrees. News Journal columnist Ron Williams wrote back in September that O’Donnell and her GOP supporters need to stop their whining about his choice to run for VP and Senate because he was well within his legal right to do so. I argued that a legal right doesn’t always add up to a moral right. Funny that during the NJ’s endorsement of Biden they implied that what Biden did wasn’t right. They wrote:

This replacement process was designed for unexpected death or resignation, not as an insurance policy for the incumbent.

And insurance is all that Biden wanted, you know, just in case the whole VP thing doesn’t work out. The NJ and I do see eye to eye on one thing:

The Legislature should enact a forbidding provision that assures voters always determine the holder of this seat.

Christine O’Donnell’s campaign hasn’t let the issue go. In a simple photocopied flyer that has been circulating, it states the problem with voting for Biden. Simply put, if Biden get both VP and Senate, Delaware gets Ruth Ann’s choice, not theirs. Based on where Delaware is right now under Ruth Ann, that’s a choice she should not make for us.

The News Journal article referenced above is here.


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