Halloween 2008

Posted: 11/01/2008 by that's Elbert in Delmar, holidays, Laurel, Laurel Delaware
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As it is every year since we moved into the thriving metropolis of Laurel, DE, we were busy handing out candy to all the little scary visitors. It would seem that there were not as many children filling our street this year. It might have been because there were only two homes on our street giving out the sugary goodness. Another factor could have been the Bulldogs trek to Delmar. As always, there is excitement about the Laurel-Delmar game. To honor the game, Delmar had “trick or treat” on Thursday but Laurel remained on Halloween. Here is a picture of our first scary critter:

As you can see, he dove into the lollipop before he left. I considered using Photoshop to remove the lollipop stick, which might have made him scarier.

Getting back to the Laurel-Delmar game, via text messages we were informed that the Wildcats went down to the Bulldogs 27-7. It feels really good coming off Laurel’s victory over Indian RIver.


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