Keith Green

Posted: 10/21/2008 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Music, YouTube

A diversion from politics is in order, so let me talk about the birthday of, in my opinion, a great musician.

Keith Green was born today in 1953. Green was a talented musician and a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He passed away in 1982 after releasing four albums, touring, and building a ministry of reaching out to people in need. His third album featured Bob Dylan on one of the songs in addition to being his first album being sold for whatever the person could afford. After his death, his Last Days ministry released another 2 albums of all new material. The first song that made an impact on me was released after his death: Dust To Dust.

Sometimes it’s hard to see,
Sometimes it’s hard to get through to me,
But I want to do all that you ask me to.
Help me to follow through,
Make every day a devotion to you,
Cause it’s dust to dust, until we learn how to trust.

The first two lines spoke to what I thought was my pig-headed behavior, but the third spoke to my desire to be like Jesus.

I found on YouTube a video of one of his songs, Because of You. It’s an upbeat song on which you can hear his skill on the piano.

There is a article summarizing his life on Wikipedia.


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