The Nickname

Posted: 10/20/2008 by that's Elbert in personal

Last month, my wife and I attended the WKNZ dinner (the dinner that’s kicking off the fundraising campaign). There were many people there that we knew and haven’t seen in a while. During some of the discussion, the subject of my nickname came up. My nickname is “Hicky.” No, not that thing on someone’s neck. Let me explain.

I used to use the nickname all the time. It was the name my family used since childhood. I was named after my father who’s middle name was Hickman, so his nickname ended up being “Hick”. Once I was born and named I was going to be called “Little Hick” or “Hicky”. The latter stuck.

It was one of those nicknames that made someone stand out. You always got a double take – “Hicky?” “Well yes!”

My wife has always called me by my nickname, as well as her family. It was used during our wedding ceremony 22 years ago because my wife’s family didn’t know my real name. That was funny.

Once back in the early 1990s I was involved in planting a church in Rehoboth Beach (just so you know, it failed). I used my nickname while there, so I was commonly referred to as “Pastor Hicky.” I remember having a summertime visitor which heard the name. To one of our group he expressed loudly, “Pastor Hicky????” It was funny.

I used the nickname until 2002 everywhere. What made the change? I took employment in technology and thought “Elbert” sounded professional. In fact at one point, due to a prophetic word spoken to me (I will have to explain that later), I thought that I should use my proper name all the time because it symbolized a change from the younger years. I even asked friends to refer to me as “Elbert”. Simply put, interpreting prophetic words is not an exact science. Instead, using my real name more often was the symbol. I should not have imposed a moratorium on “Hicky”.

Just think if I made an adjustment to this blog’s name to reflect my nickname – “That’s Hicky Without An E”

Anyway, now you all know too much about me.

I have to be honest, the WKNZ dinner prompted the thoughts about this post, although Howard did a nickname post before I got this one together. It is very creepy that Howard and I have now thought in the same vein twice (once during an email discussion).

  1. Bill Sammons says:

    It’s funny how hard it is for me to call you Elbert…since I knew you years ago as Hicky. I tried but Hicky kept coming out. Thanks for letting me get away with it.