Our Day At The Apple Scrapple Festival

Posted: 10/12/2008 by that's Elbert in christine o'donnell, community, Delaware, Fun
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OK, there is a confession I must make. I was born and raised in Sussex County. Outside of a little under three years, I have lived here all my life. With all this in mind, there are a few things I have not done that are or have become staples of county living. I have never been to the Apple Scrapple Festival. Nope. Not once. This year from that grevious sin I have repented, and have demonstrated my repentance by going for a good six and a half hours.

Well, mind you, my attendance was motivated by work. As most of my regular readers know I have been working with WKNZ radio. The station had a booth at the festival, and I helped man the booth with John Mixon and Bill Sammons. My wife even got into the support by wearing her WKNZ t-shirt.

And in the picture below, you can see what Bill and John did all day:

No, I’m just kidding… Really! Those guys carried the weight. I was just the happy sidekick. We talked about the radio station to whomever would listen. John sold some tickets and a couple of shirts, plus he kept the music playing. I had a chance to pray with someone who had lost their job.

This picture below confirms what I have been told by a friend and swampcritter2:

Apple Scrapple is CROWDED. It was like this just about everywhere!

Now, for some more pictures. This car was parked across from the WKNZ booth. My wife and John Mixon were loving it:

And more cars. I can’t afford them but I can still look and appreciate:

I saw several politicians. There was one that actually talked to me (correction, there were two, Christine O’Donnell did):

Either Mike Castle is too tall or I’m just too short.

I snapped this picture with The Balloon Man in mind.

More people and the rides!

Some of the vendors:

This dude was puttin’ a hurt on a piece of a tree (this picture is not suitable for tree huggers):

I missed seeing my fellow bloggers and some faithful readers. However I did finally catch up with Brian from The Mourning Constitution.

On our way out of town, we saw this, which rounded out a very nice day.

  1. Dick Dykes says:

    Thanks for remembering me Elbert!
    Looks like they had a nice crowd.
    Bill and I played the Apple-Scrapple for a few years in the beginning with Taylor’s Amusements. We had Our Goldfish Game, Duck Pond and Our Ball in the Basket Game back then.

  2. Howard says:

    Good Photos. But No, No, No not another photo of Elbert standing next to a politician. Did you ask Castle why he voted for the bailout?

  3. laurel says:

    elbert, can we hear you on the radio? are you dj’ing, or part of the very important support staff?

  4. Right now I’m on the advisory board. There are several people involved that have the on-air gifts and technical abilities.

  5. Shirley says:

    Sorry we missed you, Elbert ! We stopped by the Libertarian booth for a chat. I should be able to post some pictures tomorrow. We had an awesome time, but it was totally crowded for sure.

    Next stop….Punkin’ Chunkin’ !!!

  6. I was very saddened to miss you! Really! I love meeting readers and fellow bloggers. I am not sure if I’ll be at Punkin’ Chunkin’. We shall see. Looking forward to your pictures.