Palin Drops The Puck

Posted: 10/11/2008 by that's Elbert in News & Politics
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Sarah Palin was in Philadelphia Saturday night, dropping to ceremonial first puck for the Philadephia Flyers’ home opener:

The Alaska governor and self-described “hockey mom” heard a few boos when she walked onto the ice, but that soon turned to polite applause as she headed to center ice with captain Mike Richards of the Flyers and alternate captain and Alaska native Scott Gomez of the Rangers.

Palin waved to the crowd and smiled as she dropped the puck to applause and cheers.

Cathy O’Connell of Erdenheim, Pa., joined Palin on the ice as the winner of a team promotion for the “Ultimate Hockey Mom.”

The story is here. Thanks to my hockey fan son Josh for the link.

  1. “A few boos?” Really? Seemed like a lot more than “a few” to me.

  2. The AP reported, “To a mixture of boos and cheers”. I watched it on YouTube. There were clear boos at the beginning then it just sounded like noise to me. For balance, I read somewhere that they booed Santa Claus too. Apparently everyone gets it at a hockey game.

  3. Ernest Shealy says:

    There were more than a few boos. It was loud and raucous…
    Justly deserved of a hate monger who has run a pitbull, hateful campaign.

  4. “Hate monger”, “hateful campaign”?? Prove it.

  5. Wow, getting hits on this post from Fox News.

  6. Elbert. Suspend your fox-filter for a moment and read Frank Rich from today: The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama.

  7. Robin says:

    Its unerving hearing Americans defending a socialist candidate like barak . I think that is how all socialism begins . with a charismatic leader promising the poor hope , and giving them the CHANGE . they never dreamed of

  8. Mike, what in the world does that article have to do with Philadelphia fans booing? I’m afraid that I am not on your train of thought. (quick note regarding ‘Fox-filter’, the story I quoted in the post was from the NHL which borrowed from the AP – no Fox involved)

  9. Socialist? Robin, you are a fool.

    Elbert, my Fox comment was more general.

  10. charles potter says:

    “a hate monger” From the moment Sarah Palin was announced there has been nothing but hate directed at her and her family. They attacked a 17 yr. old girl. Shame on you for lying. The hate mongers have been from my Party (dems.)