Apple Scrapple Festival

Posted: 10/09/2008 by that's Elbert in community, Delaware, Fun, scrapple
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Don’t forget the Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville is this weekend, October 10-11, 2008. You know I’ve got to be at a festival that celebrates my favorite food, scrapple! My cholesterol will probably not be good for a few days. The schedule and details for the event will be on the festival’s web site.

I will probably be there on Saturday but I am not sure what time. You will probably find me wearing either a Christine O’Donnell t-shirt or a WKNZ shirt. Maybe I will get to see you there.

  1. Shirley says:

    I’ll look for you, Elbert !

  2. I’ll be there all day at the Libertarian Party Booth on S. Cannon Street. Stop on by!

  3. Shirley and Brian, looking forward to seeing you all! I might be at the GOP booth. WKNZ is going to be near the Weller’s booth.

    Shirley, I was going to drop you a note but your comment beat me to it! Good graphic on your post!

  4. Shirley says:

    Great ! It’s kind of silly that I am looking forward to this so much, but it just looks like so much fun and it’s going to be a beautiful weekend. People here in my office think I’m hokey, but if that’s true, then so be it.

    I guess things like the Apple Scrapple remind me of when I was growing up, and things were much simpler. I hope we get there in time so I can enter the scrapple-flinging contest !

  5. Something seems sacrilegious about throwing scrapple, but apparently if they do it there, it’s OK. 🙂

  6. swampcritter2 says:

    I was there Elbert and I looked for you. I had a nice walk and the weather was fine, but over all I was unimpressed. The food was outrageously overpriced, and too many vendors hawking too much junk. Maybe I should have stopped at Bargain Bills, haven’t been there in a while. Maybe next year.

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