A Bible And Cash Stolen in Denton

Posted: 10/02/2008 by that's Elbert in crime, Maryland
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WBOC has reported that a Bible and cash were stolen from a car in Denton, MD. The items were located in a bag inside the unlocked car. The crime happened in the morning on September 29th on South 5th Ave.

Hopefully the thief will read the Bible, especially that part about “thou shalt not steal” and at least return the cash. At that point, I am sure the victim wouldn’t mind losing their Bible to someone that is turning their life around.

The story from WBOC is here.

  1. Average Girl says:

    I stopped by a local yard sale last weekend and they were giving bibles away – FREE!!! No one would take them. FREE….and no takers, except me.

  2. laurel says:

    I wouldn’t have taken one. We have Bibles. I would have left them for someone who needed them.