Matt Denn Fundraising Snafus

Posted: 10/01/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, election, Politics
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The Denn campaign sent out a campaign email today:

As you may have seen in the papers this week, the nonsense and negative campaigning against me by my opponent has now begun.

“Negative Campaigning” means he got caught taking money from somewhere he shouldn’t have. From a Copeland campaign email:

Yesterday, we let the public know about the tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions my opponent has accepted from the insurance industry. As the sitting Insurance Commissioner, this is a clear conflict of interest. In addition to going back on his pledge not to accept insurance industry money, my opponent has accepted nearly $8,000 from individuals who hold contracts with his office.

The real problem here is that Denn made a pledge that he failed to uphold. To Denn’s credit though, according to the News Journal, he is returning one contribution that violated his promise:

Denn said he will be returning money to one donor who he said was registered to sell insurance in Delaware. Because the person had a Pennsylvania address, he didn’t immediately catch the conflict.

Apparently he is keeping the rest of the cash.

There are some readers that think I’m just dumb for expecting politicians to make promises/pledges and keep them. Candidates make them and break them all the time, so what the big deal about one more time? But the real problem is that we accept that dishonesty as standard behavior.

If a candidate not going to follow through on a pledge, don’t promise it. If Matt Denn wanted to take anybody’s money, then he shouldn’t have promised otherwise.

The News Journal article is here. Charlie Copeland’s press release is here.

  1. More points for Charlie Copeland. Thanks for this info!