New Links

Posted: 09/28/2008 by that's Elbert in Laurel, Laurel Delaware, links, web sites

There have been a few new websites I’ve added to the blogroll. I’ve actually added two to the list from the thriving metropolis of Laurel. First, after much prodding, my brother has jumped into the world of blogging with his blog, Douglas W. Collins. He is probably going to write about sports and add some commentary in there.  Second, a commenter on this post led me to the discovery of this blog, Nice, Laurel. In both cases, the blogs are fairly new, so we will see how far these guys go. Stop by and tell him Elbert sent you! They should know who I am, at least I hope my brother does.

There is a new link in the Delaware column. The husband of a regular reader is in the world of blogging with Bugs On The Bus Windshield. If you visit, tell him Elbert says hi!

I found this site on Michelle Malkin’s blog. For all those who aren’t happy with the top presidential choices this year, you can go to We’re Screwed ’08 and voice your complaint with a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

That’s all I’ve got tonight.

  1. Thanks for the plug! I hope you enjoy!