The Day The Music… Was Paved

Posted: 09/23/2008 by that's Elbert in cars, Music, transportation & roads
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Officials in Lancaster, CA are scheduled today to pave over a quarter mile stretch of highway that plays music as you drive over it. If you’re in a Honda Civic, you can drive over this piece of pavement at 55 MPH and hear the William Tell Overture by way of some grooves cut into the road. It was a promotional tool by Honda that apparently got on some neighbors’ nerves:

“I think it’s terrible because it keeps me awake at night,” said Donna Martin, a 53-year-old retired budget analyst who lives about a quarter-mile from the road. “It’s all I hear night and day, and it’s not a pretty sound.

But another has a different opinion:

“I hear it every day. It’s kind of cool to be part of history,” said David Gilroy, 43, a carpenter who lives near the noteworthy strip of highway.

The road is one of only four in the world that have those musical notches. Today that number will go back down to three.

Locally, I wonder if there would be a perfect place for a musical road. One place could be on Route 13 just north of Laurel. To be more realistic, maybe on Route 24 between Laurel and Sharptown or Route 54 between Delmar and Gumboro. No, maybe a better spot would be on Route 20 by Mt. Trashmore.

Seriously think about this. In our state’s troubled economic times, why not hook up with Honda or some car manufacturer and create one of these roads in one of our rural areas? Getting the cash from the company to pave it plus tourism could help us out and give visitors another reason to come to Delaware. OK, it is a stretch.

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