Williams Is Whining Too

Posted: 09/22/2008 by that's Elbert in christine o'donnell, Delaware, Joe Biden, Politics, The Dark Side, US Senate

As Ron WIlliams pointed out in his column, it is legal for Joe Biden to run for both his old job, the US Senate, and what he hopes will be his new job, the Vice President of the US. But does it not display a lack of confidence of the Obama/Biden ticket’s ability to win?

If the Obama/Biden ticket does succeed, and Biden succeeds in his race for the Senate, who gets to be Biden’s successor in the Senate? The voters don’t get to choose, the governor does. The libs constantly whine about every vote counting (at least every vote that goes to the Democrat). Do Delaware’s votes count? If Biden wins both, it’s a big fat nope, not in this case.

There are some things that are legal and well within your rights, but those things aren’t always right and shouldn’t be done. Running for two offices is one of those things.

Williams can whine, moan and groan about those of us who have issue with the dual ticket. He knows we are right on this issue, otherwise he wouldn’t tell us to shut up.

And Ron Williams’ column would look a whole lot different if there was an “R” after Biden’s name. You can count on it.

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