Delaware Family Policy Council On The Radio

Posted: 09/21/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, families, radio

Nicole Theis from the Delaware Family Policy Council will be on WGMD Monday morning (9/22) for the 7am broadcast hour. From a DFPC email:

I’m praying that we can bring to the forefront the issue of protecting traditional marriage. Please call in with your comments or questions and keep the conversation going after I’m off the air. This a great chance to communicate to others that this is an issue we care about passionately. I hope people call in and ask about religious liberties and where candidates stand and really feel informed as a result of our air time.

You can listen to WGMD on the radio at 92.7FM or online. The phone number to the studio is 302-945-9292. The Delaware Family Policy Council is on the web here.

  1. Average Girl says:

    I missed it 😦