Saturday In The Rain

Posted: 09/06/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, Fun
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While Tropical Storm Hanna (no, not Hannah Montana) pays a visit to our area, why not blow a few minutes on the Internet?

There are two sites I have added to the blogroll this week. First, there’s The Balloon Man in Dover. Dick’s site is described as “Anything to do with the Outdoor Entertainment Industry.” It is a very cool site to browse featuring many different graphics. I don’t know Dick well enough to say anything about his statement “Being an old Balloon Peddler”. I will leave that one alone. He does know Howard however, and Howard is fair game, I think…

Another site that was added is 10ThirtyOne To Glory, a blog written by David, a pastor in Seaford. My friend Scott (who’s first name is also David) alerted me to this one. David’s site is described as “A Mix of Theology, Church Life, Politics, Philosophy, and Culture.”

A “rushalanche” is a huge amount of hits a site receives after being mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh program. With that in mind, I need to warn Dick and David to be prepared for the “elbertalanche”, which is described as “0.000000001% of a rushalanche” although it is probably less than that.

I’ve gotten an email and read a post about this next site. Delaware Talk Radio is “Delaware’s First Internet-Only Radio Station to Serve Delaware with News, Opinion, Blogs, Talk Radio.” It’s anchors are Randy Nelson and Dave Burris. Nelson used to be on WGMD a year or two ago. Burris runs This looks interesting. I will keep an eye on this one.

I have had a thought rattling around in my head that’s worth sharing here. I have seen many sites that share a common bond in the state of Delaware referred to as the “Delaware Conservative Bloggers Alliance”. While working at this blog for a while I’ve met many bloggers from the western side of Sussex County. We have some things in common politically and most everything else is generally unique to our blog but complimentary to each other’s content. In my opinion we seem to get along and at the very least share that common geographical bond that is Western Sussex. We also provide links to each other’s blogs. Why not make that loose bond more official and refer to it has the Western Sussex Bloggers Alliance? Yeah, it’s a silly idea, but I was tired of it rattling around in my head. It can rattle around the Internet now.

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  2. Dick Dykes says:

    Thanks Elbert!
    I was born and raised in Salisbury. Wi-Hi Class of ’61.
    My Brother and I owned the Acorn Drive-In in Salisbury back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. My Dad owned Shore Lanes Bowling Alley, which used to be across Rt 13 from where the Salisbury Mall is now located.

  3. Howard says:

    Interesting you mentioned the elbertalanche. I usually receive about 150 hits a day and when I discount it for the number of times my mother looks at my blog I figure there are about 25 people that look at my blog each day. Yesterday I had over 500 which must be a high for me, so usually when that happens it is because you have mentioned my blog on your blog – yes the elbertalanche. However in this case it turned out to be teenagers doing goggle image searches for Levi Johnson. Strange. And Yes Dick, the ballon man, is old.