Question For The Regular Readers

Posted: 09/03/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging

As you’ve seen, I have had several different “descriptions” on the site:

  • Who Knows What Will Show Up Here
  • Stuff Elbert like… err, likes.
  • Laurel’s #1 Blog

I had an idea of using a Joe Biden quote, obviously taken out of context, but it’s funnier that way:

“I had a successful dump.”

It’s not a “description” of the site, but just a funny statement, much like Brian’s blog title. Any opinions?

  1. Well, you know I like it.

  2. laurel says:

    sounds like cr*p to me. (pun intended). Seriously, I like the name your blog has now.

    I’ll keep reading, no matter what your blog is titled.

  3. I thought it would be funny, however as a title could be perceived to be crude. “Laurel’s #1 Blog” is funny (I hope), and it is parody of something else.