Two Strong Women Against One Biden

Posted: 09/01/2008 by that's Elbert in christine o'donnell, election, Joe Biden, US Senate
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Last week, it was made official that Joe Biden could and would run for both the Senate seat he currently holds and for the Vice President. To me leaving his name in the Senate race shows a lack of confidence in the campaign of Barack Obama. It also reflects the attitude that Delaware will vote for him whether he campaigns here or not (I know at some point he’s actually said that Delaware will always vote for him, but I can’t find that quote). After the annoucement of the selection of Sarah Palin as GOP vice president nominee, it gave Joe Biden competition from strong women on both fronts, his Senate race and his vice presidential race. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have Palin do a campaign swing through the first state supporting Christine O’Donnell’s campaign, taking a swipe at his assumption that he will always get elected in Delaware? With regard to that attitude, isn’t that attitude the same thing he campaigned against with his first race against J. Caleb Boggs? A smackdown on both his VP and Senate race would be great.

  1. I plan to vote for him in both races. Happily.

  2. loomisnews says:

    I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose her!

  3. Mike, Happily… Sounds like you’ve got a big issue or issues with the opposition. What say ye?

  4. swampcritter2 says:

    Sarah Palin should campaign in Delaware. She can tell Delawareans she wants their “Good Old Boy” out of politics altogether. Joe could use a slice of “humble pie.” Sorry about that knee jerk of yours, Mike.

  5. Marilyn Hartl says:

    Well, nothing would make me happier than to see Obama/Biden biting the dust…but since the latest rumors are that Mr. Biden may be leaving the ticket due to “health issues” after the VP debates in favor of Mz. Clinton, we may not see that happen. If the BO/JB ticket does win, I see hard times ahead for the USA. Our young people who are so fired up about BO don’t seem to realize how far to the left he will take our country and how our individual liberties will be lost when the state is in charge of our lives. I’m frightened for my grandchildren. m hartl without an “e”