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Posted: 09/01/2008 by that's Elbert in Barack Obama, election, Joe Biden, Politics
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I have heard that Alaska Governor and VP nominee Sarah Palin is being hit with a charge that she has a lack of experience. As far as leadership is concerned, what we have in our Democrat candidates are speech-makers. Has Obama or Biden ever been elected as a mayor or governor of anyplace? The answer is no. Both Obama and Biden have stood on the floor of the Senate and made speeches. Palin was a mayor for six years and a governor for a year and a half. Add up the others’ executive experience and you’ve got a big fat zero.

Some criticism of Palin comes from a lack of foreign policy experience. My, how times have changed. Back in 1992 those charges were laid on Clinton by Republicans. Clinton and his cronies replied by saying that foreign policy experience didn’t matter, “it’s the economy, stupid.” Now in 2008 it’s important. Never mind that McCain will do fine in diplomacy and isn’t afraid to defend and protect this country. Lord knows how close our enemies will get to us before Jobama figures out their “diplomacy” isn’t going to work.

  1. Cmon, man, She was mayor of Wassilla. that’s about on par with Seaford.

  2. And Obama was mayor or governor of…, And Biden was mayor or governor of… At least she ran something, and has run a state for 1.5 years. And what’s wrong with being the mayor of Seaford?

  3. Sarah Palin is a pro-NRA gun fanatic who likes to kill things with guns, and call it a “sport.” (Well, with any luck, she has a better aim than Dick Cheney.)

    She is vehemently anti-gay.

    She denies global warming.
    (Well, maybe that makes sense in Alaska.)

    My question: How can she call herself Christian?

    I thought Christian meant that you follow the teachings of Christ. No?!
    Killing things for “sport” when the commandment is Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Hating two people because they love each other when the commandment is
    to love one another!

    Putting corporate profits above protecting the planet when the commandment
    is that we be stewards of the earth

    Being pro-war, when the commandment is to
    hammer your swords into plowshares

    Look, if you’re a biased, intolerant war-dog who likes to shoot things,
    FINE, but don’t go around telling people that Jesus is your hero.

  4. Ugh says:

    Support Palin, but don’t be ridiculous about it!

    Senators Obama and Biden have won quite a few elections between them, against far tougher competitors, and with far larger constituencies.

    Obama, for sure, has run a STAFF larger than Wasilla.

  5. Nothing wrong with being the mayor of Seaford. It just doesn’t qualify you to be President or Vice President. I’m not looking for a President that is capable of running a state, now matter how big (or empty).

    I’m looking for a leader who inspires. I’m looking for a leader who has experience working on a larger stage. I’m looking for a leader who is smart enough to pick, as his running mate, someone to balance his skills.

    Obama strikes me as presidential. More importantly, he seems very intelligent and careful and thoughtful and decent and principled. And Joe Biden simple knows his s***.

    I’m sure Gov. Palin is a fine person. But I don’t want her a heartbeat away from running this nation.

  6. swampcritter2 says:

    Joe Biden knows his s*** alright. Joe ain’t gonna balance a thing. Obama has no skills, other than oratory. James Earl Jones could do as well. I take that back. James Earl Jones could do better, without a teleprompter.

  7. Mike, I’ll agree to disagree with you here. I don’t want an empty suit that’s charming running the most powerful country in the world with a teleprompter. And don’t let Joe talk without notes, or on second thought, let him.

  8. christianliberal, breathe, you’re turning blue! 🙂

    Does Palin claim to be a Christian? I’ve not heard, really.
    Where is “Thou Shalt Not Kill” extended from humans to animals? (and “kill” is better translated in our modern language as “murder”)
    When did Palin say that she hated homosexuals? Are you putting words in her mouth?
    When did Palin not “protect the planet”? Hunters are some of the better caretakers of the planet.
    Where does the Scripture say that a government should not protect its own people? And who in the world is pro-war anyway?
    If you’re a pacifist and intolerant of historic and Biblical lifestyles, how can you call Jesus your hero?
    And what in the world does all this have to do with the post?? Read the other comments in here and get on board.
    And why in the world did I approve christianliberal’s comment? Because I’m being a nice guy. 🙂

  9. Mike says:

    I never said Obama was an empty suit who can speak well. I said, and say, and will keep saying, and will in eight years be glad to have said that Obama is a very smart leader who also can inspire. Not an empty suit by any stretch of the imagination.

  10. Mike, no, I wasn’t clear, those thoughts about the empty suit were mine, not yours. Sorry.

    Eight years of Obama? Will there be a country left? Maybe if the conservatives come back and save it like they did in 1994.

  11. Mike says:

    gasp… snort… chortle… laugh ( a bit)… sigh….

  12. Mike says:

    By which, I mean I reject your thesis entirely.

  13. If the American people liked Clinton so much, the Republican Revolution would have never happened. He wasn’t mainstream. Neither is Jobama. They both represent the far left fringe of the party, which isn’t mainstream. At least McCain sits somewhere close to the center.

  14. Dick Dykes says:

    I think all this attention to Mrs Palin is ridiculous.
    All I’ve heard the Democrats say is change, change, change.
    Gov Palin is change. Don’t forget there’s the President’s cabinent and a raft of advisors. She’s a smart cookie and will have plenty of expert advise at her disposal. What makes me sick with Politicians today is there’s no comprimise between parties! John McClain has shown in the past that he’s willing to work with members of either party.
    And don’t forget he hasn’t exactly been in complete with Bush on a lot of different topics either!
    Now that I’ve got that off my ches Elbert how about putting my blog link up for me. I’m a friend of Delmar Dust Pan’s Howard and I’m up here in Dover. Thanks, Dick Dykes