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Posted: 09/01/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, personal

I think many readers know I had picked up a part time job at Wal-Mart back at the beginning of July. Due to some strain on my health, I decided to let that go. So I handed in my resignation this past week. I’m going to finish out the scheduled time there, but I’ll be gone by the middle of the month. There is a great deal of apprehension about leaving, but I’m going to step out in the faith I so often speak about and trust that God will provide another way to make up for the lack of income. Simply put, I’ve been having some problems with the seizure activity which I think is due to a drop in my sleep. To be honest as well, I have let some things go concerning this blog which has grieved me so. It is relaxing to type out ideas on here, and satisfying to know that I have some regular readers. Michael at Monoblogue has crossposted here several times during the past two months which has made up for the drop in content. I have also skipped a lot of ideas due to time constrains. So, stepping out on faith, I leave Wally World and hang on to trust.

Here are some links worth discussing. I have added Interesting Items to the list, a newsletter from which I have quoted twice in the last week. There’s an addition to the Seaford blog list, Oneneedler, written by my friend Scott’s wife, Kim. I didn’t know she blogged until this past week so I dropped her in the list. She’s not political but she covers some family and inspirational topics so I added her here (plus if I didn’t Scott would stop having coffee with me). It’s a nice compliment to my wife’s blog, Melody’s Moments. I found another Delaware blogger at Raising Rebels, writing about the joys of raising kids. She is also a reader of this site. Brian at PonderMints has decided to toss the name and move to The Mourning Constitution. Brian, I liked the old name, but the new name may launch you into new heights. Godspeed to you. Can anybody say “amen”?

I’ve had an interest in the BlogNet News sites for a while. It provides a news feed of all the blogs in it’s list for different areas of the country. It also ranks those blogs in a weekly chart which they call The Most Influential Blogs. This blog is listed in the two local lists, one for Delaware and one for Delmarva. That’s Elbert has been floating between #6 and #13 on the Delaware list since it began being listed, cracking the top 5 a couple of times. I won’t lie to you – that’s very satisfying. This blog was doing equal or better in the Delmarva list earlier this year, even hitting #1 for a week. Recently it was fattened up with a longer list of blogs, which was good for the list but bad for me. For the last several weeks, That’s Elbert had not been on the chart at all, which saddens me but I don’t lose sleep over it. I am happy that the blog has been charted anywhere, which is just a nice side dish to the meat which is the people that have said they read and those that comment. You guys and gals make me very happy, greater than the chart positions anywhere. Thanks so much for reading!

Gosh, that last paragraph sounded like I was kissing up to y’all. Oh well, take it for what you want.


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