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Alex Gimarc has been publishing a newsletter called Interesting Items for a long time. I’ve been getting it in my email box for at least 11 or 12 years. Alex is from Alaska, and he has written about Sarah Palin many times. I asked if I could reprint his comments about the Republican VP pick, Governor Sarah Palin, from his 9/1 edition of the newsletter.

Saracuda! For all you brand new Sarah Palin fans out there, the real nickname is Saracuda (sometimes spelled Sarahcuda), from her days as a point guard on her high school championship basketball team in Wasilla.

Where to start on Governor Palin? I suppose the best thing to say is what you see is what you get. She is smart. She is feisty. She reacts quickly – sometimes precipitously, and has no problem making decisions. At times, she is a bit thin skinned. She is absolutely fearless. She communicates well, and has in the past picked up the phone to argue with anyone who has taken her to task on the radio or in print. And she is fundamentally conservative in the way she lives her life.

Last year, she and her husband chose to bring a young Down’s syndrome baby into the world at a time when over 90% of all those diagnosed are aborted. As the father of a handicapper, I have a difficult time expressing my thanks and joy at their choice to continue the life of this innocent. She has no problem firing people at the drop of a hat. She values loyalty.

As a Governor, her administration has been a mixed bag, as she agreed to a precipitous increase in taxes on the oil companies on the Alaskan North Slope – mostly written by democrats in the legislature – that is in the midst of driving them out of the state. This tax will have to be rolled back sooner rather than later.

She was elected as a reformer and has fought the Republican establishment here in Alaska, which is why Senator McCain chose her as a running mate.

As I wrote a couple weeks ago, there is an investigation arising from her firing of the Commissioner of Public Safety (her political appointee). One of the state troopers, her former brother in law, a real nasty piece of work, was embroiled in a full body contact divorce and custody fight with her sister. The entire family got involved. And with most divorces and custody fights, this one got pretty ugly. As of this writing, it does not appear that Governor Palin was personally involved in an attempt to get the guy fired from state employment, though after tasering his ten year old, one wonders how he stayed employed as a state trooper.

Being a reformer, Governor Palin has stepped on no small number of local toes, and in all small states, people tend to remember things for a long time afterwards. Overall, I think she has done a pretty decent job. I am not happy with the tax increase on the oil producers. I am happy with the progress on the natural gas pipeline. I am happy she has fought the greens and is fighting the global warming garbage. She will be a nice counterweight to McCain’s impulses to solve global warming while the planet is cooling down. I expect she will be able to get McCain to visit ANWR and he will change his mind about drilling there. She will be an asset to the McCain administration and will surprise the nation. I think she will surprise Senator Biden, as she is not about to back down to his condescending, in your face bullying smarminess.

Congratulations to Senator McCain and Governor Palin. This is a superb pick. The majority of us up here in Alaska are absolutely blown away.

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