Joe, Senator or Vice President? Make Up Your Mind

Christine O’Donnell is making the point today that if Joe Biden is seeking the Vice Presidency, he should end his bid for Senate, giving the people of Delaware the chance to choose their Senator (see this WDEL report). According to this article, he has not decided what he would do regarding his Senate race. I agree with O’Donnell that he should step aside.

As I’ve mentioned before, Joe Lieberman ran for both offices back in 2000. Good for him that he won his Senate seat. I often wondered if Lieberman stayed in his Senate race because he wasn’t confident that he and Gore could win their bids for the highest offices. Would Biden staying in the Senate race reveal a lack of confidence in the Presidential race? Would anyone actually ask that question?

According to this article, the Delaware Department of Elections said that Biden can run for both seats. If he will has yet to be told. We will be watching.


3 thoughts on “Joe, Senator or Vice President? Make Up Your Mind

  1. You should pass this line up to her campaign. “A vote for Biden is a vote for Minner’s nomination if he is to be Vice President. Why let Minner decide who your senator is? With me (O’Donnell) you know who you’ll get, you know my positions… ” etc etc…

    Got to got to GOT to use Minner as a weapon in this.

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