Biden Is Obama’s VP

Posted: 08/23/2008 by that's Elbert in Barack Obama, Delaware, Joe Biden, The Dark Side, US Senate

It was announced sometime overnight that Joe Biden from Delaware was chosen to run with Barack Obama. Of course, just because there’s a chance that the drive-by-media’s Chosen One loses in November, Biden will not suspend his Senate campaign, at least that’s my thought. I remember in some interview that Biden bragged that Delaware would always vote for him, so why drop out? I seriously doubt that running for Senate will get any of his time, after all, if we vote for him anyway, why waste your time? There’s bigger fish to fry, right?

Let Joe keep saying stuff like this, and the drive-by-media’s Chosen One won’t get elected:

UPDATE: Some additional western Sussex commentary is in order. Brian weighs in with his worst-case scenario. Howard has something to say as well.


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