Christine O’Donnell In The News

Posted: 08/22/2008 by that's Elbert in christine o'donnell, Delaware, Joe Biden, Politics, US Senate

Christine O’Donnell, candidate for US Senate in Delaware, has been in the news lately. The Sussex Countian reports O’Donnell participated in a state-wide candidate forum in Milford. From the article:

She attacked Congress in general, and Biden in particular, for putting image ahead of policy decisions.

“In one year, the national debt has doubled,” she said. “All of these economic woes could have been prevented if Congress was willing to make the difficult decisions…we’re the ones paying for elected officials not having the guts to put the next generation ahead of the next election.”

She attacked Biden for voting for “inefficient” ethanol subsidies, and for economic policies that she said are generally dangerous to the country.

“We are about to exchange a free economy for a socialist economy,” she said.

The News Journal carried a telephone interview with Christine O’Donnell, in which she stated:

He’s taken Delawareans for granted and using the Senate as a placeholder.

I have to agree. He appears to be more concerned with his career and aspirations to higher office than to serving Delaware. The article goes on to say:

O’Donnell said economic issues, such as rising food and gas prices, are too important for Biden to approach the race with a cavalier attitude.

“Whether people agree with my positions or not, they should be outraged,’’ she said. “This is precisely why our country and our state is in the situation it is. A handful of people control the process and shut the people out. If Joe Biden cannot pledge to fulfill his term he should withdraw from the race and let me run against my real opponent.’’

I completely agree. Delaware will know something of Joe Biden’s future after Saturday. When it all comes down in November, hopefully we will be sending him home to Greenville.

  1. Spring says:

    I agree, too!

  2. Joe Biden has been a lifesaver to seniors in the state when other politicians wouldn’t even return their phone calls or letters. Nobody is ever going to agree with every politician but I will continue to be swayed by anyone who takes an interest in their constituents, knows them by name when seeing them on the street, is willing to take their phone calls and either correct what’s wrong or find someone who will. I have spent countless hours in senior citizen centers and independent living apartments listening to stories from families who have turned to Joe Biden in times of need and how he and his office responded and stood by them until their issues were resolved. Try that with any other politician in the state and you can expect a form letter or email that doesn’t even address the issue you originally contracted them about. Christine O’Donnell has some growing up to do if she wants to step into Mr. Biden’s shoes. Even if Joe leaves us to become VP in January, he will remember his contituents here in Delaware and will return to us when his service in Washington is done. You can bash Joe all you want, but his positive impression on the residents of Delaware will always trump any gripes O’Donnell came dig up. Grow up, little girl, develop some views on the issues, and run on your reputation and performance instead of badmouthing a very, very good man.